Frequently Asked Questions

Planning to travel and bike in a foriegn country requires preparation and as such answers to questions. The following include our most frequently asked questions. It is important to us to meet and better still, exceed your expectations. We will provide you with all the information youl need to make this a great vacation. Do you have any additional questions? Simply email them to us and we will be happy to answer them for you.


Which is the best city to fly into?
Rome is the most convenient and common place to fly into. All North American flights to Rome arrive at the Leonardo DaVinci Airport (Fiumicino). Another option, if you are flying from within Europe, is to fly into Pescara.


How do we get from Rome?
There are two bus lines, one from Fiumicino airport and the other from Piazza Tiburtina in Rome. The Gaspari busline leaves the airport about 5 times a day for Teramo ( The ARPA busline leaves from Piazza Tiburtina approximately ten times daily. We will pick you up in Teramo. Cost one way is about 18 Euros. If you decide to take the bus, we will give you more specific instructions closer to the date.


Can you recommend a hotel in Rome?

On request, we can provide you with a number of hotels, along with specific commentary/notes on each.



Accommodation involves one of our 3 houses. The houses are typical village houses flanked by other houses. All have balconies and face either piazzas or quaint village streets as well as beautiful countryside. They are nice, clean and comfortably renovated homes. The houses have fully equipped kitchens, comfortable, locally made beds complete with all beddings and linens. Ladies there are hair dryers and worry! We are very proud of these homes... our legacy to our 3 children. On nights away from the village, we stay at a beautiful organic winery and an “agriturismo” overlooking the Adriatic Sea.


What about meals?

All houses have full cooking facilities and there are good grocery stores nearby. The village has a small grocery store (good deli) and a fruit and vegetable shop. The bread products come in daily and fish comes in on Thursday. There are many good restaurants nearby, all providing good local specialties. We are happy to provide a list of our favourite restaurants. One of our favourites is a local farmhouse/restaurant, “Agriturismo Fabiocchi”, 3 km. from the village.

Are there laundry facilities?

We have a common laundry room with a washer available to all guests. Clothes racks and lines for drying are available on balconies.

Additional activities?

Many local festivals and celebrations occur throughout the season. Additional activities can include cooking lessons, hikes, shopping trips, wine tasting, a trip to the local olive oil press etc.


What is the weather like?

May 1 to July 14 tends to be our favourite time of the year. With little wind and predictable rain patterns, this is a cyclist's dream. Mornings are beautiful and sunny while occasional thundershowers can occur between 2 and 5 in the afternoon. Weather is checked the day before each ride and start times are adjusted as needed. The scenery is best at this time of year because the snow on the mountains has not fully melted and the patchwork countryside is still lush and green. Also, sunflowers start to bloom in June! August 15 to October 31 is also great. It may even be a little drier, but, with most of the snow gone on the hills, we think the scenery is slightly less stunning. However, this is wine and olive time... so it becomes a personal preference.


What clothes should I bring?

For riding, I bring 2-3 pairs of shorts and several tops (both long and short sleeve, and of very light to medium weight). A light vest can be a nice option for those long descents in the mountains. I have never worn rain pants, but, I do bring a light rain jacket, just in case.


Road conditions and drivers?

The country roads are typically in good shape because they are used less frequently. There is little, if any, chip seal. Drivers are very courteous and often shout encouragement.